Women's Volleyball Season Recaps


  • Finished 10-7 overall with a visit to the first round of PSUAC playoffs

  • Two Academic All-American Student Athletes: Brittany Acevedo and Deanna Thomas

  • Five Academic All-Conference Student Athletes: Brittant Acevedo, Kiandra Cyrus, Emily Lencoski, Alison Rowski, and Deanna Thomas


    Finished with a 6-10 overall record

    One PSUAC Honorable Mention: Brittany Acevedo

    Four PSUAC All-Academic Honors players: Brittany Acevedo, Khali Kotulski, Alison Rowski, and Marissa Urban


    • Finished 1-15 overall and in the PSUAC
    • Three USCAA Academic All-Americans (Isaura Olivares, Sonja Rossi, Christine Tenny)
    • Six PSUAC All-Academic Team student-athletes (Jordan Chiavarri, Ceara Hartman, Isaura Olivares, Sonja Rossi, Christine Tenny, Kelsey Whittaker)
    • Fall 2013 Team GPA of 2.93
    • Spring 2014 Team GPA of 3.01


    • Finished 1-18 overall and 1-15 in the PSUAC
    • Four PSUAC All-Academic Team Student-Athletes (Abby Collins, Latroya Knight, Sarah Konopki, Malika Mathis)
    • One All-Conference player (Abby Collins-HR)
    • Fall 2012 Team GPA of 2.49
    • Spring Team GPA of 2.35


    • Finished 13-5 overall and in PSUAC
    • Finished with the most wins in school history (13)
    • Finished with the highest USCAA ranking in school history (9th)
    • Finished with the highest PSUAC seed in school history (3rd)
    • Made it to the Final 4 of the PSUAC Championship Tournament at University Park
    • Contender for USCAA National Championship bid
    • Two USCAA Academic All-American (Meghan Murtagh, Michele Vowler)
    • Six PSUAC All-Academic Team student-athletes (Abby Collins, Meghan Murtagh, Jessica Ozmina, Michele Vowler, Chelsea Wertz, Kellie Yekel)
    • Four PSUAC All-Conference Team players (Abby Collins, Meghan Murtagh, Michele Vowler, Kellie Yekel)
    • Two USCAA Players of the Week (Meghan Murtagh, Kellie Yekel)
    • Two PSUAC Players of the Week (Kellie Yekel, Meghan Murtagh)
    • Fall 2011 Team GPA of 2.89
    • Spring 2012 Team GPA of 2.90