Coach's Spotlight- Abby Collins

Coach Abigail Collins
Coach Abigail Collins

Penn State Wilkes-Barre Women's Volleyball Coach Abby Collins will be heading into her fifth season as the Head Coach. Being a former student-athlete at Penn State Wilkes-Barre for her four year career, she feels that it gives her a connection with her players. With her experiences, she feels that she can help her players when it comes to how to advise them for help with their studies, she can help when it comes to balancing being a student athlete in the college level, or with her knowledge about the campus, she can help her athletes find anything that they need on campus. 

Abby Collins played volleyball for all four years that she attended Penn-State Wilkes-Barre. She loved the small campus because thats what made it a great campus. Being able to meet some of her life long friends, it helped her enjoy her time at campus. She felt that the small classes made it easier for her to get to know her professors and be able to put her best efforts into her classes and succeeding in them. She also did not expect to play volleyball while she was in college, but thanks to the coaching staff and her friends, she had the motivation to keep playing and loved every minute of it.

Her coaching values push her to be the best coach for the job. Her most important value is respect. She believes that being a younger coach, respect is important to establish. She feels that giving the respect her players deserve will help establish a positive relationship with her team. Secondly, honesty is an important aspect for herself and her team. Being honest with her players when issues come up helps revolve around the respect that they deserve. Finally, she feels that as adults, her players need to be accountable for their actions. Accountability will help build character with her players and develop them into leaders.   

Being in a rebuilding phase and then having the pandemic put a stop to their season, Coach Collins feels her team will be ready to move forward. Coach Collins is confident that having not been able to meet with her team in person or her new recruits, her team will have a fire lit under them when it comes time to return to the court. She knows her team will be able to accept the challenge of coming back from a brief hiatus. She takes some experiences that she had when she played at Penn State Wilkes-Barre, while also putting her own spin on routines. Her coaches are the reason why she is here today.

This extended off-season has given everybody time to get prepared physically and mentally for when the volleyball season returns. If there was a coach that was ready to take up this challenge, it's Coach Collins.